We process stainless steel, brass, aluminium, different containers, tubes etc


In the process of grinding the detail a commercial appearance is achieved. Excess welds are sanded off and defects are removed from the surface. 

Machine grinding

(round tube, square tube, level surfaces)

Acid treatment


Old faded stainless steel parts can also be polished to give them a fresh look. 


TIG; MIG; MAG welding



Metal finishing process that serves to prevent corrosion. For stainless steel, the process of passivation uses nitric acid to eliminate free iron from the surface. 

Our best competencies include grinding stainless steel tanks, pipes, fittings, furniture, components, train & ship parts and different subcontractings for other metal processers. 
We are capable of achieving high quality results. We have proved ourselves by providing services to pharmacy sector and processing hard-to-reach components. We can guarantee necessary hardness level (RA), penetrant tests (UV, liquid) and documentation.
We encourage you to contact us with your project - you will get fast service, high-quality end-result and fair prices.